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Vainglory prepares eye-catching 5v5 mode in competitive e-Sport world

Vainglory prepares eye-catching 5v5 mode in competitive e-Sport world

Still, do not know what Vainglory is? Check out the creation of the game, Brazilian streamers and everything to know more about one of the most important mobile games of e-Sport.

From time to time the mobile platform has gained some prominence and due recognition in e-Sport. It was already expected that some companies would risk bringing competitions to their games. On the MOBILE platform, I believe that the first to do this was GAMELOFT, with the game MOBA “Heroes and order of chaos”, but without great repercussion.

We can say that e-Sport on the platform MOBILE gained such prominence thanks to “Super Evil Megacorp” with the game Vainglory. This was the first company to invest heavily in the mobile market aiming at e-Sport.

Link to Download Vainglory on iOS

Link to Download Vainglory on Android

The Creation of Vainglory

Vainglory prepares eye-catching 5v5 mode in competitive e-Sport world

Super Evil Megacorp is based in San Mateo California. The team of developers of the company is true masters and with big companies in their resumes, like Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Guerrilla Game, Playfish and more. That alone answers the reason for success, the company has well-experienced employees committed to bringing content and news.

The development of Vainglory began in 2012 after the formation of Super Evil Megacorp. The game was unveiled by Apple in September 2014 at an event where it was announced next to the iPhone 6, Apple chose the game to demonstrate the power of its new API. In July 2014, Vainglory was officially released for Android. Since then, the game has stood out as one of the main cell MOBAS, precisely because of its unique identity.

The Vainglory “BR” scenario

Next, to the Vainglory, new talents began to emerge, like YouTubers who do a great job divulging the game, and passing their knowledge to the new players. Let me cite two good examples here.

Jefoliver – Vainglory BR, which in its channel brings news and tips and Jean Aluhandri Duarte, which in my opinion is the greatest talent that has emerged. Jean is a narrator of championships and amateur departures of Vainglory. In the end, I will leave links to channels of both Jean and Jef, as well as others that I recommend for those who have an interest in knowing the game or are only interested in gaining knowledge.

Video with Vainglory championship narrated by Jefoliver:

And last but not least, if Vainglory represents the mobile platform in e-Sport, the Amaterasu Gaming team represents us in the championships. While other producers’ games only “risk” their shy entry, Super Evil Megacorp fell headlong into the world of e-Sport, being one of the pioneers with constant championships and events at Twitch.

The Future: 5v5 Mode

Super Evil Megacorp has already started testing and demonstrations of 5v5 mode, which will soon arrive in Vainglory. It is already possible to register on the site to know the news. Anyone signing up now through the pre-registration website, will be able to play the mode before everyone else. In addition, it will earn the insignia of “Pioneer of 5v5”.

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