Ubisoft comments rumor about 1080p / 60 fps mode of AC Origins on Xbox One X

A few days ago, online reports that Assassin`s Creed Origins will harness the power of Xbox One X to run at 60 frames per second when the 1080p resolution is used. Faced with the repercussion caused by this, Ubisoft came to the public to talk about the subject and decreed: it is still too early to talk about it.

“It’s too early to say that, as the frame rate has not been defined at present. Our goal is to take full advantage of the hardware firepower to deliver the best experience on all platforms. Assassin`s Creed origins will use dynamic rendering, so it will adapt to ensure a smooth frame rate and the best possible image in all situations, “a company representative told Dual Shockers.

It is too early to say this, as the frame rate has not yet been defined

In other words, the possibility of having the combination 1080p and 60 frames per second still exists, but Ubisoft does not guarantee that it will be able to deliver this at the current time. If the developer can not do that, there’s a good chance that Xbox One X will at least offer a more stable and more visual experience than competitors who do not have such powerful hardware.

In addition to the Microsoft platform, the game is confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and the PC, which receive the release on October 27 this year. Click here to check out Origins running on One X in a video that shows the eagle control that accompanies the protagonist, the tree of skills and other details about the adventure.