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The Talos Principle PC Game Review & Gameplay

The Talos Principle

“The Talo Principle” stands out as a game by the way it grabs so infinitely many different aspects and tries to tie them together. It is as self-conscious and humorous as thought-provoking and pointered, and actually draws its material from Phillip K. Dick’s handbook . Possibly any other author who …

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Dying Light PC Game Review & Gameplay

Dying Light

Yes, this took a lot longer than planned. But ” Dying Light ” proved to be a significantly more comprehensive game than expected – and significantly better than feared. Far from a perfect zombie sandbox, but despite its sporadic weaknesses a happy surprise. A whim of failure Perhaps it was …

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Sunless Sea PC Game Review & Gameplay

Sunless Sea

The biggest lie, ” Sunless Sea “, speaks of you as a player, is that you simply press buttons, adjust values and scroll through text – when you are in full swing to form your own little email. In fact, the game combines itself well, all the while, systems and …

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ScreamRide PC Game Review & gameplay


It has been a long time since I have been aware of Frontier Developments, the studio behind the once-ever popular “RollerCoaster Tycoon” , as an active voice in the game market. I have a vague sense of releases like ” Zoo Tycoon ” and ” Coaster Crazy Deluxe “, but …

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Shiftlings PC Game Review & gameplay


When Norwegian Rock Pocket Games now takes the step from small mobile games to a small game on the larger consoles, this simultaneously represents a significant increase in visibility and ambition for the small T√łnsberg developer. Now under Activision-controlled Sierra , the game is distributed in parallel to PC, PS4 …

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Frozen Cortex PC Game Review & gameplay

frozen cortex

Look for a ball game between two teams, all of which are allowed. Then look at this ball game served as a superficial strategy game, on ” Frozen Synapse “, where you and your opponent fit the game between each other like a ball. The battle itself is on hold. …

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Helldiver PC Game Review & gameplay


Arrowhead can be chaos. Ever since ” Magicky “ they have shown that they can provoke the little extra needed when four players meet on the same screen to eradicate monsters, aliens, robots – or whatever it may be. Settlement is never the point. It is the experience between the …

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Ori and the Blind Forest PC Game Review & gameplay

Ori and the Blind Forest

Should you first present your dream project within an already established framework, there are far worse potential casts than ” metroidvania ” to do this. Already in the genre’s starting point is much done if you are going to tell a story about magnificent excursions, overwhelming odds and progressively acquired …

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White Night PC Game Review & gameplay

White Night

Should you play with the color palette, I think it is important that it is done in the name of the expression. It must appear as more than just a black and white filter. And it must not be in the way of the gaming experience itself. “White Night” is …

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