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SUPERHOT Game for PC Review & Gameplay


“SUPERHOT” started as a game right in the browser, and in this early edition a few years ago the game mechanics were already in place (dreamed up in one week during the gamejammen 7DFPS), which gave an incredible response. One piece of successful Kickstarter campaign later, baked 200 degrees for two …

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Warhammer: Arcane Magic Game for PC Review & gameplay

Warhammer: Arcane Magic

The “Warhammer” universe has always been a fascinating part of the role playing culture. This is the pencil-and-paper role-playing game that probably requires the most “stuff” as well as pencil and paper to play. If you’ve ever been in a role play store, you’ve probably seen the shells of tiny figures …

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Deadbolt Game for PC Review & gameplay

deadbolt game

Developer Hopoo Games stands out as a gaming studio who is looking for hard and imaginative values that can be in hard-to-reach levels. The 2013’s “Risk of Rain” debut remains healthy in memory with its overwhelming strength. When the sales description of their second game “Deadbolt” proclaims an “extremely challenging …

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Dark Souls 3 Game for PC Review & gameplay

Dark Souls 3

A good piece into “Dark Souls 3” I find a worn oil painting in a blown and abandoned manor house. The motif will undoubtedly be disturbingly well-known to anyone who played the original “Dark Souls”. The reference back to the game that seriously put Hidetaka Miyazaki’s director on the map – …

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Star Fox: Zero Game for PC Review & gameplay

Star Fox: Zero

 «Do a barrel roll, Fox». I spin the game plate kindly around my finger, I – it’s a pleasure when old acquaintances will be discovered again. This is “Star Fox Zero”, the first game in the eleven-year series, and my blood fan almost does not wait to try the Arwing spacecraft …

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