NBA 2K14 For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download

NBA 2K14

EA Sports seems insensitive in the sports game market. They have virtually monopoly on American football, golf and ice hockey, and have distanced the “Pro Evolution Soccer” series with their “FIFA” games. It has little brother and competitor 2K Sports received a mark. Their ice hockey game has become one of the …

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The Novelist For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download

The Novelist

Games have long been developed far enough, technologically and aesthetically, to move beyond the safe zone that is pure entertainment industry and popular culture.  Even though the very few longer feel strongly on the distinction between “entertainment” and “high-grade art”, there is nevertheless an unexplored landscape of potential, for developers …

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Samurai Gunn For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download

Samurai Gunn

In a landscape of two-dimensional fighting games where coping mostly involves capping and performing milestone button combinations with associated elleville animations and cumulative harmful effects on a helpless opponent, it’s infinitely redeeming to see a proper samurai game where instead of one hundred, has two possibilities of action – without this leading …

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