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IOS apps can record user with iPhone camera without them knowing

IOS apps can record user with iPhone camera without them knowing

The privacy of people in this connected world is a question that divides many people. It is undeniable that, with so many functions of the most diverse types of smartphones, it is a bit complicated to remain totally incognito. However, certain cell phone features must be kept under control to avoid exposure not only unnecessary but also dangerous to the users’ integrity.

Developer Felix Krause recently revealed in his blog a serious flawin iOSS – the iPhones operating system  – that can allow applications with camera access to the camera to record images independently, without the user pressing a button or something.

Keep an eye on everything

Even easy recognition features can be activated without explicit user knowledge or order

The problem may be even greater because applications with specific permissions can access the front and rear cameras of the devices and upload the recorded images through them, be they photos or videos. Even easy recognition features can be turned on without the explicit knowledge or order of the user while the app is running in the background on your device.

The following video shows a bit of how this works using an application created by the developer himself to serve as an example:

The flaw has already been duly reported to Apple and certainly the necessary changes should already be being developed for future system updates.

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