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Dragon Ball Fighter Z: 9 explosive game-plays of every Fighter that has rolled up here

While Dragon Ball FighterZ is not enough, the hype of the whole world is a thousand. The launch of the Dragon Ball Super anime in Brazil, by Cartoon Network, is fuel for such excitement. If the final version of the game will live up to expectations, only time will tell. With that in mind, TechLinkn Games has compiled nine videos that show different game plays of the pounding.

Check out our selection:

1.  Piccolo, Kuririn, Android 16 and Android 18/17 in action

2.  Blue Super Saiyajins

3. 50 minutes with  Androids, Piccolo, Kuririn and others

4. Goku and Piccolo

5. Trailer of E3 2017

6.  Gohan Super Saiyajin level 2 running a Kamehameha with Goku

7. All the transformations of the characters

8. Trunks in action

9. 127 hits in a combo!

There’s always more!

These were just some of the most striking videos from Dragon Ball FighterZ up here. There are numerous materials spread over the internet. Remembering that TechLinkn Games tested the game in E3 2017 and loved it. Check out the impressions of reporter Felipe Gugelmin by clicking here.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released in February 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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