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Atari leaves for the wearable ones and announces a smart cap; Be a tester

Atari has already officialized its return to the video game market with the announcement of the Atari box, which has not yet reached the market. But the news of the company does not stop in the new console, which promises to please fans of the classics and also a modern game.

The company will also invest in other types of devices. And the first to be announced is a smart cap. That’s right, the Atari will go to the wearables market, and the first one will be an accessory for your head.

The Speakerhat has sound and microphone outputs for the user to listen to music and even make or receive phone calls. The accessory connects to Bluetooth devices “instantly,” the company says. And this includes, but is not limited to, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

To ensure good sound quality, the cap has a noise suppression technology from Qualcomm. There will also be a system for managing profiles. And all this can be done in a group, with a system that lets you share with other users of Speakerhat to see or hear the same thing.

To feed all this, a lithium-ion battery, plus a LED indicator light.

There is still no forecast for the official release of the product. Atari is in the testing phase of the cap, and needs the help of users for this. The company is raffling ten beta packages that include:

  • 1 Atari Speakerhat
  • 1 shirt Atari
  • Atari Flashback Collection for PS4 or Xbox One
  • Participation in the Beta Test Program

According to the company, this package has an approximate value of $ 300. To participate, just click here and choose one of the ways to enter the draw. The more ways you use, the more chances you have to win.

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